An Outdoor Straight Stair Lift or Platform Lift will Solve Accessibility Challenges

Stair Lifts Atlanta offers a variety of ways to solve accessibility problems, depending on your degree of mobility. Ramps are often a good solution if there are just a few steps up to a porch or patio; and a stair lift will efficiently carry a passenger with the ability to move in and out of the wheelchair. For those individuals who are unable to move from a wheelchair to a stair lift, a platform lift will often solve the problem.

Incline Platform Wheelchair Lift for Atlanta Home Solves Your Accessibility Challenge

Incline Platform Wheelchair Lift for Atlanta Home Solves Your Accessibility Challenge — The incline platform lift has a platform for the wheelchair to ride on rather than the individual transferring from the wheelchair to a lift chair. The incline platform lift has a fold-up platform, and a railing accessible to non-lift users.

Atlanta Stair Lift Prices Include Installation, State Review & Certification

What are some of the most helpful financing resources available to families seeking to purchase a stair lift? While the Senior Healthy LIfestylemajority of residential stair lifts are paid for out-of-pocket, there are public and private programs that can assist with the purchase of a lift, including private health insurance, VA benefits, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), mortgage insurance programs (e.g., Title 1 and Section 203(k), and banks and lending institutions.

Indoor and Outdoor Straight and Curved Stair Lifts Help Atlanta Residents With Disabilities

Whether disabled due to an auto or work accident, or a veteran wounded in action, each may find particular challenges navigating at home. At Atlanta Home Modifications, we have the expertise to help Atlanta residents with disabilities become mobile in their own homes, again, via indoor and outdoor straight and curved stair lifts.

Fall Proofing Tips for Your Atlanta Home to Keep You Safe

Most people associate stair lifts with very old people or the disabled. While both groups need stair lifts for mobility, using a stair lift is also about safety. With over 25-30% of falls resulting in hip injuries which reduce mobility, stair lifts exist to prevent the very injuries which necessitate installing a stair lift. Additionally, outdoor stair lifts allow for easier access into the yard or garden without the need for space-devouring ramps.