Wheelchair Stair Lifts Solve Accessibility Problems for Atlanta Seniors

While great strides have been made in access since the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, most of this has been in commercial and government buildings. Most homes, sadly, remain difficult for people in wheelchairs to access. However the trained professionals at StairLifts Atlanta have what you need to make your home accessible again.


The Handicare Sterling 9000 Deck and Porch Lift (Image courtesy of Handicare/Sterling)

Wheelchair Lifts & Elevators
Most homes, especially older ones, are not designed with full mobility in mind. That one or two steps (which is not an impediment to most people) can become an impassable obstacle for those in a wheelchair. These obstacles can be fixed through stairlifts and wheelchair lifts which care installed according to Georgia state safety requirements and certifications. Wheelchair stair lifts solve accessibility problems for Atlanta seniors either at a porch or deck—making access to the family home possible, whether in Lawrenceville, Smyrna, Marrietta or Buckhead.

Wheelchair Stair Lifts for Disabled
However, space requirements often make ramps and elevators impractical, especially in the interior of the home. This is where wheelchair vertical stair lifts come in. They take up less space and help the senior or person with a disability move quickly around the home. Wheelchair stair lifts solve accessibility problems for Atlanta seniors by fitting into a space where a stair lift or ramp will not fit. For those who have some limited mobility at home, straight and curved stair lifts can be installed as well.

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