Pet-friendly adaptive device

pet friendly adaptive device

Another happy ending story — here we’ve got the beloved family pet English Bulldog named Aase happily descending the stairs in a modified stairlift designed by his owner Pia Hjelmso — a new pet-friendly adaptive device!

Physically challenged by arthritis, Aese’s owner created this stair lift to make the life of her handicapped pup much easier.

The mini elevator, modeled after a London double-decker bus, allows the pup to ride in style rather than in pain, to join family members in the living areas below.

Owner Pia was reported as saying, “…that it has been exceedingly difficult for the pooch to climb up and down the stairs on her own, but thanks to her thoughts and abilities of a skilled craftsman, her pal, that the issue did not have to persist for years.” Lars Trillingsgaard is a friend of Pia’s who helped build the pet-friendly adaptive device that now provides pet-mobility for years to come.