Wheelchair Lifts Give You the Help You Need in Your Atlanta Home


Handicap Accessible Front Yard Atlanta Home ModificationsMany people who learn that they must be confined to the use of a wheelchair for mobility begin to worry about how they will continue their lives as normal at home. Indeed, there are many challenges to face as a person with disabilities, that have become part of their every day life. However, there are many assistive technology tools available to those bound to wheelchairs that make this difficult transition easier to bear.

Vertical and inclined platform wheelchair lifts are once such tool.  These lifts are designed to move users while they are seated in their wheelchairs. They may be enclosed or open, and they may be fitted to a staircase or operate on a bracket next to a door or staircase. Automobile lifts are also available to help users get wheelchairs into and out of vehicles for the ultimate in mobility.


Vertical Platform Lift by Sterling – Handicare

Vertical and inclined platform wheelchair lifts  make it possible for a person to continue living a life in the comfort of the home that he or she has enjoyed for years — without sacrificing space in the home.  Atlanta Home Modifications offers a wide selection of lifts and other products designed for wheelchair users.

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Images via Istockphoto and  Handicare