Vertical Platform Lift

The Residential Vertical Platform Lift

The Residential Vertical Platform Lift (also called a porch lift) provides smooth and safe access to raised entries, decks, or different levels in your home. The smooth and quiet Bruno Platform Lift (VPL) has a 750 pound lifting capacity, and is large enough to handle the majority of mobility vehicles.

A vertical platform lift carries the whole wheelchair or scooter from one level of the home or outdoor property to another level. There is no need for a transfer from a chair or scooter, in order to enter a home or change floors within a home when a platform lift is in use.

Bruno residential platform lifts are available for height variations of up to 14 feet, offering a cost-effective access solution to enable you or a loved one to stay in your home when a mobility challenge occurs. A Bruno Residential Platform Lift is just the solution!

Generally, when planning to install a home wheelchair lift, you will need a lift with a clear floor area of a minimum of 30” by 48” (depending on the chair size), unassisted entry, and one that insures clear operation by the lift user. Controls should be easily accessible and properly located for safe operation. Providing safe and easy operation and maintenance-free reliability, the Bruno vertical platform lifts are code-compliant and able to be installed indoors or outdoors.

While a one-step into the front door can be fixed by a ramp, getting out into the yard or garden can be a significant challenge for a family member or guest in a wheelchair or scooter. You may be surprised to learn that both stair lifts and platform lifts are available to be installed on the exterior of the home. For an excellent video that illustrates the Bruno Residential Vertical Platform Lift operation, click on this Bruno Vertical Platform Lift video.

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