Shopping for an Affordable Straight or Curved Stair Lift

Bruno Elan straight stair lift conveniently swivels at the top of the stairs
Bruno Elan straight stair lift conveniently swivels at the top of the stairs

Bruno Elan Straight Stair Lift

Are you shopping for an affordable straight or curved stair lift and wondering what the main benefits are of buying a stair lift?

The benefits to buying a straight or curved stair lift depend on your circumstances. If you are recuperating from a fall or accident of some sort and anticipating that you will be up and about as good as new within a few weeks, obviously a stair lift purchase might not be in your best interest. You would be better off rearranging furniture and living on the first floor for a while, assuming you have a bathroom with a tub or shower on the first floor.

However, if you or a loved one have a debilitating illness or will have a long-term period of recuperation, shopping for an affordable straight or curved stair lift may be in your best interest. The initial question you will need to determine is whether you are shopping for a straight or a curved stairlift.

Straight Stair Lift

A straight stair lift is used whenever there is a perfectly straight set of stairs with almost identical risers. The price for a straight stair lift is typically just above $3,000 and that covers everything including the home assessment, cost of the equipment, the installation, and the state inspection certification.

Curved Stair Lift

A curved stair lift is used when your stair has a landing in between one or more stair steps or risers. A curved Stair Lift is also used when your stairway does in fact curve at some radius. Due to the fact that a curved stair lift must be custom-built, it is difficult to estimate a budget price for a curved stair lift without a home assessment.

Advantages of Owning a Straight or Curved Stair Lift

What are some of the advantages of owning a stair lift? In fact, there are many advantages but we will just mention a few. A stair lift offers safe and easy transfer from one floor to the next for anyone struggling to master stairs. It’s easy to use because all the individual has to do is walk up to the stair lift, or roll to the stair lift if a wheelchair or scooter is involved, and transfer to the seat. A seat belt is available for use, and with the push of a button the stair will proceed to move up or down the staircase as needed.

Curved Bruno Elite stair lifts fit neatly in the home mounted on the stair steps – not the wall.

Equipped with a number of safety features, the straight stair lift is an excellent solution for you or a loved one. Some of the standard safety features include:

  • Swivel seat – To ensure optimum safety, the swivel seat rotates so that the user can get on and off easily and quickly. The stair lift swivels when it arrives at the top of the stair enabling the user to easily get in and out without being exposed to falling down the stairs.
  • Seat belt – Provided as standard equipment adjacent to the roomy seat, it is advised that the seat belt be engaged for every ride. 
  • Arm and foot rests –Padded arm and foot rests provide safe stable places to maintain security for arms and feet.
  • Auto stop – Among the multiple standard safety stair lift features built into your lift, an especially helpful feature is the built in sensors that detect obstructions anywhere along the path of the lift which cause the lift to stop if it encounters and obstacle.

    Auto stop safety feature on the stair lift

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