Fall Proofing Tips for Your Atlanta Home to Keep You Safe

Many Atlanta residents have made the decision to age in place in their own homes. Unfortunately, a home which was safe when you were 40 may not be safe when you are 65. According to the Center for Disease Control, 2.3 million older adults went to the emergency room as a result of falls, with a quarter of those requiring hospitalization. The total medical cost for all these falls was $30 billion dollars!

Fall Prevention
One of the major causes of falls in the homes are stairs. Going up or down, stairs pose many safety risks given their typical location and design in the home. They are often unlit with a

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railing on one side. Many are covered with carpeting which make them more slick. So, to help in fall prevention, installation of a stair lift can be your best solution.

Stair Lifts
Most people associate stair lifts with very old people or the disabled. While both groups need stair lifts for mobility, using a stair lift is also about safety. With over 25-30% of falls

resulting in hip injuries which reduce mobility, stair lifts exist to prevent the very injuries which necessitate installing a stair lift. Additionally, outdoor stair lifts allow for easier access into the yard or garden without the need for space-devouring ramps.

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