Home Elevator

Home Elevator for Better Mobility

Savaria Telecab Residential Elevator

Image courtesy of Savaria Elevators

Have you considered the possibility that a home elevator may be just the thing you need to solve mobility challenges in your home?

When shopping for a home elevator, it is important to first determine the weight and size of the person and equipment to be transported. The following details must also be considered:

  • Degree of mobility and weight of the individual to be transported
  • Spatial requirements for an elevator
  • Space availability and accessibility horizontally and vertically within the home
  • Number of stops/floors accessed by the elevator
  • Direction of entrance/exit to the elevator at each floor
  • Availability of structural components necessary to support a vertical shaft, if required

Four Basic Types of Home Elevator

1. Two Stop Elevator: A two stop elevator (i.e. Savaria Telecab, wt. capacity 500 pounds, lift height 16 feet) that rides on a track supported by a load bearing wall and does not require a pit

2. Four Stop Elevator: A two-four stop elevator enclosed in a shaft (i.e. Savaria V1504, wt. capacity 750 pounds, lift height 23 feet)

3. Multi-stop Elevator: A multi-stop elevator does not require a machine room (i.e. Savaria Eclipse, wt. capacity 750 pounds, lift height 50 feet)

4. Vacuum Elevator: One final type of elevator, the Pneumatic Home Vacuum Elevator (PVE), is self supporting and uses minimal electricity as it employs gravity to descend. PVE offers three different models, ranging from single passenger to a three passenger, wheelchair-accessible model. Some of today’s popular elevator brands include Symmetry, Garaventa, Savaria, Harmar and Waupaca. (Image via Savaria Elevators)

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