Best Outdoor Stair Lift Selection for Georgia Homes

If stairs present a mobility problem for you, and you have difficulty getting up and down to come and go from your home, you are not alone. Annually thousands of people look for a solution to the challenges posed by a stairway at the entrance of a home. There are a number of good outdoor stair lifts available to help navigate stairs, offering the perfect solution for your outdoor patio or front porch steps — enabling you to have easy access to your landscaped garden or yard.

If you have decided that installing a stair lift could add so much in the way of safe accessibility between your home and the great outdoors, then comes the process of outdoor stair lift selection. How do you choose which one is right for you?

Outdoor Stair Lift or Ramp?

The capabilities of the user are the primary consideration. If mobility is largely a non-issue, and a few stairs are the only major challenge, an easily installed wheelchair ramp is a possible solution. Also available is a specially designed straight stair lift, such as the Acorn Outdoor Stair Lift, which may offer that extra level of reassuring support needed. It is sturdy and weather-resistant; as well as stylish and comfortable, making it easy to traverse the steps smoothly and safely.

Acorn Outdoor Stair Lift

Acorn Outdoor Stair Lift

Vertical Platform Lift

If more assistance is required and the user must remain in the wheelchair or on the scooter, a vertical platform lift may answer the need. While specific features of the these outdoor stair lift selections vary by model. There are several to choose from, determined mainly by the area in which it will be installed. General features include:

  • Average weight capacity of up to 750 pounds
  • Multiple lift heights
  • Tasteful design and non-fading, weather resistant material
  • Built-in security measures

These outdoor stair lift features make maneuvering between indoors and outdoors so easy.  Stair lifts are a safe and economical method of providing access for a wheelchair bound individual to every floor level in your home. Whether the accessibility goal is to go upstairs to the familiar and convenient master bedroom, the aging in place landscaped garden or to go out to the vehicle parked in the garage — a stair lift may be just the right solution for you. Contact Contact Stair Lifts Atlanta today by phone at 770-880-3405 or via the contact form.

New stair lifts and platform lifts connecting yard, garden or living areas may require landscaping or hardscaping upgrades such as a new retaining wall. Stair Lifts Atlanta recommends our favorite landscaping services company, Greenlawn Georgia, for all of these types of upgradesContact Greenlawn Georgia for a free consultation at (770) 375-9640 or via the contact form.

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