How to Choose a Stair Lift for Your Atlanta Home

A common problem faced by those physically challenged individuals wishing to remain in their home, is navigating stairs. If your current home wasn’t designed with access in mind, you may need to make some aging in place home modifications for yourself, your aging parent, or a loved one with physical limitations. Navigating stairs is easily done with a stair lift.

Whether you’re an adult who wants to age in-place at home, or you are dealing with physical impairments preventing you from using the stairs, or you are the parent of a child for whom climbing stairs is not an option, stair lifts help ensure your safety and increase your ability to move about your own home. says, “There are certain mobility issues that can’t be resolved just by using a cane or walker—notably navigating sSterling Handicare 2000 curved stairlift Atlanta Stair liftstairs. Unless the house is a ranch style, there is at least one flight of stairs—usually up to the bedroom—and quite possibly two, maybe down to a family room in the basement. Fall prevention or managing with bad knees often means avoiding stairs and that might even prompt a move to a single-story housing option. One home modification that could allow for aging in place is the installation of a stairs chair.”

Beyond making sure you or your loved one can go between floors in a safe and secure manner, professionally installed stair lifts are customized to your type of stairway, allowing for curves, turns and landings in your metro Atlanta home.

Stair lifts are available in many different options, so choosing the stair lift that best fits your needs is easy. Atlanta residents love time outdoors, so should you need a way to move up and down an outdoor stairway, there are stair lifts which accommodate. A professional can assist you in making the ideal selection for your home.

For further assistance in choosing the perfect stairlift, call Atlanta Home Modifications at 770-880-3405, or visit the Stair Lifts Atlanta/Atlanta Home Modifications website and fill out a contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you with installation of a stair-lift, ramp, lift, elevator, or any of your home modification needs.

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  1. The growing demand of stairlifts encouraged Acorn to create a variety of stairlifts having different
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