Competitive Sterling 1000 Stair Lift Prices — An Outdoor Lift for a Straight Stair

Typically when we think of accessibility challenges getting in and out of a home, the first thought that comes to mind is interior stairways. But, stair lifts are often called for on the front steps or in the backyard leading to a driveway or out to the garden area. The Sterling 1000 outdoor stair lift is fully waterproof for an outdoor installation on a straight stair. Sterling 1000 stair lift prices are competitive with other well-known stair lifts manufacturers, generally ranging just over $3000 for a straight stair lift installation.


Sterling 1000 Stair Lift Prices are Competitive!

The Sterling 1000 stair lift prices include the lift, track, controls and the state certification and inspection on a straight stair. The Handicare website also notes, “Like all Sterling stairlifts the outdoor models have a key switch to prevent unauthorised use of the lift, which means it can be isolated when not in use. Supplied with UV protected Slate Grey upholstery the Sterling Outdoor stairlifts also come with a waterproof cover to keep it protected from the weather so it is always ready for use.”

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