Vertical Platform Lifts Solve Atlanta Home Accessibility Problems

It is unlikely that your house was originally built to accommodate those who struggle with mobility issues and who must depend on a wheelchair, walker or scooter to get around. Yet, there is no need to be discouraged by the apparent limitations. You may remain comfortably independent in your beloved home with the help of vertical platform lifts, which solve access problems easily and safely!

The selection of a lift depends on the physical limitations of the user, the size and weight of the wheelchair or scooter, the project budget and the space available for the installation.

Bruno Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts VPL-3300 Series Atlanta Stair Lifts

Bruno Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts VPL-3300 Series

Vertical Platform Lift (VPL)

What is a vertical platform lift? A vertical platform lift is a specially designed lift that a resident conveniently rolls into in the safety of his mobility vehicle and thereby has easy access to other levels of the house. Its optimal features include:

  • Weight capacity of up to 750 pounds
  • Multiple stop configurations
  • Touch-of-a-button operation
  • Durable construction
  • Built in safety features
  • Cost effective options

Inclined Platform Lift (IPL)

An inclined platform lift allows the user to glide over stairs and similar obstacles that would otherwise be impossible or difficult for a wheelchair or scooter to overcome. Don’t settle for limited accessibility just because there are mobility issues due to stairs in your house. Open up the world of independent living in the home you love with the easy installation of a vertical platform lift or inclined platform lift to solve your access problems.

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