Vertical Platform Lifts Solve Atlanta Home Accessibility Challenges

Let’s face it. Many houses were just not designed with the greatest attention to the needs of those who use wheelchairs and scooters. This can be quite a challenge to overcome, especially when it comes to how to transition smoothly from the indoors to the out-of-doors. However, specially designed vertical platform lifts solve accessibility challenges easily and attractively in homes across Atlanta and north Georgia.


Bruno Vertical Lift – Residential Vertical Platform Lift Available Models VPL-3100 & VPL-3200B

A vertical platform lift (or VPL) offers smooth and effortless access from ground level or garage to an elevated porch or landing. It functions by enabling the user, without leaving the safety of wheelchair or scooter, to enter the lift and navigate to the desired level. While specific features vary by model, general details include:

  • 750 lb maximum capacity
  • 120V AC power supply
  • Multiple lift heights
  • Alternative battery power in case of power outages

Optional equipment includes:

  • Stability rail installed in the lift itself
  • Top landing gate to prevent improper handling of the lift
  • Remote control device
  • Call-send controls

According to, “Vertical Platform Lifts deliver the most simple and direct solution for conquering the “deck divide.” Smoothly and effortlessly moving straight up and down, from patio to porch, driveway to entryway, backyard to deck, even floor to floor, a Bruno VPL links your inside life with your outside life…seamlessly, efficiently and up to 14’ in height.” It is possible for the elderly and people with disabilities to function gracefully in their own home, since a vertical platform lift can solve access problems so conveniently in family homes across Atlanta and north Georgia.

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