Aging in Place Home Assessment For Your Atlanta Home

With more and more people hitting retirement age, the question of where to spend these later years is on the minds of parents and children alike. However, more and more people are choosing to age in place rather than move to an assisted living community. With the right accessibility home modifications installed by the licensed professionals at Atlanta Home Modifications, more people can make the dream of aging at home a reality.

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How to Choose Accessibility Home Modifications
The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has a checklist which can help you decide what options are right for you or your loved ones. Whatever the reason for a lack of mobility, this checklist will walk you through the steps on deciding what you might need in accessibility home modifications.

Experienced Professionals
Regardless of the specific accessibility home modifications needed, the NAHB states that a home assessment should be done by a person who has completed Certified Aging-in-Place coursework, such as the professionals at Atlanta Home Modifications.

We will complete a home assessment and an accessibility design that will meet your specific needs. And, your mobility upgrades (such as stair lifts and inclined platform lifts) are installed in compliance with all applicable state and federal safety codes.

Aging in Place Upgrades – Who Needs Them?
Quoting the “Ezine @rticle“ entitled ‘Remodeling to Feel Younger’…

“…There are three aging-in-place categories. The first group is made up of 50+ seniors who are healthy, but wisely endeavoring to remodel their homes as they age. The second group is people with progressive illnesses or disabilities that need to modify their homes to accommodate their increasing needs for greater accessibility. The last aging-in-place group is persons who have had an accident and require immediate modification to their homes, as they return from rehab or hospital. Aging-in-place specialists are trained to serve each of these three groups; skillfully serving seniors and disabled persons as they seek to remain living independently in homes they have long cherished.”

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