Stairlifts Have a Battery Backup for Safety in a Power Outage

Most straight and curved stair lifts can be plugged directly into the household electrical system at the nearest plug, and do not require special electrical circuits for operation. Having a battery backup for safety during a power outage enables the stair lift to continue to operate and provide transportation up and down stairs year-round.

The Perfect Straight Stair Lift for Your North Georgia Home

Looking for that perfect straight stair lift for your north Georgia home? Consider the Bruno Elite Straight Rail Stair Lift (wt. capacity 400 lbs.) with an armrest rocker switch for easy operation, two wireless remotes for remote control and an offset swivel seat for easy boarding and exiting at the top landing. More information at 770.880.3405.

Stair Lifts in Athens AL

Do you care for a loved one in Athens, AL, who struggles with mobility issues that make the prospect of maneuvering the stairs a stressful experience?