A Safe Swivel Chair Seat for Your Chair Lift

Does this sound like you? In an attempt to gain greater independent living for yourself or for your aging or disabled loved one, you have decided to upgrade your home with aging in place home modifications and have chosen to install a chair lift. This investment will enable the graceful and safe movement from one floor to another.

But what about the transition from the floor to the chair lift itself and vice versa? Does this not seem like a danger lurking even where there is ultimate design with safety in mind? The problem is solved with the swivel seat for your chair lift.

Handicare / Sterling Elegance Swivel Chair Lift Seat

Handicare / Sterling Elegance Swivel Chair Lift Seat

This wonderful feature enables you to banish the mental images of struggling to gain a foothold while dangling over a precarious stair case. With manual or power operated manipulation, swiveling the chair for a safe exit is a simple thing indeed, and the safety lock feature ensures no scary surprises.

How is the swivel chair lift seat operated?

The HandiCare/Sterling website says, “When you arrive at the top of the stairs you are required to swivel your seat around so that you exit onto the landing safely. If you have a manual swivel you will find a handle at either side of the seat. For the Simplicity +, 1000 and 2000 stairlifts, by pressing either handle down, or pulling it up, you can swivel the seat around to face the landing, where it will lock in place, allowing you to dismount safely.”

If the powered swivel option is chosen, the HandiCare / Sterling chairlift seat swivels when the occupant holds the joystick upon arrival at the top of the stair. The seat will move automatically, and Sterling chairlifts also have a manual override for emergency release when stairway access is required.

Enjoy the comfort and peace of mind knowing that you are living independently as safely as possible with the innovative swivel seat for your chair lift. And let your worries be a thing of the past.

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