Are Stair Lifts Safe? 10 Best Stair Lift Safety Features

Stair lift auto stop when an object is encountered on the stair

Bruno Elite Indoor Straight Stair Lift

Are you researching stair lifts as a possible solution to mobility challenges you or a loved one are currently facing, and wondering, “Are stair lifts safe?” You may be wondering  whether there are actual stair lift safety standards. The answer is yes – they are safe, and they are also required to conform to state stair lift safety standards for lift design and installation.

Straight and Curved Stair Lifts
In this article we are referring to the standard stair lift shown to the right which is available as a stair lift mounted on a straight or curved rail secured to the steps. This type of device requires the user to get in and out of the lift. (The type of lift that carries a wheelchair or scooter with the person riding it is referred to as a platform lift, and is addressed in more detail in another article here on the Stair Lifts Atlanta site.)

Bruno Elan straight stair lift conveniently swivels at the top of the stairs

Bruno Elan straight stair lift conveniently swivels at the top of the stairs

Georgia Certified Stair Lift Installer & Inspector
Since stair lifts are technically advanced products that contain sensitive electronic components, the state of Georgia requires that a Georgia certified stair lift installer perform the installation under the oversight of an independent inspector.

Safety Features and Benefits of Stair Lifts 

While the previous information may be comforting to hear, you may still be wondering if the unit itself is really safe, and especially whether you or your loved one can easily and safely get on and off the lift. Foremost in the 10 best stair lift safety features are swivel and lock features that make straight and curved stair lifts safe and easy to use.

Check out the following 10 best stair lift safety features and benefits that stair lifts have to offer that make the lift safe for the rider to navigate:

  1. Swivel seat – To ensure optimum safety, the swivel seat rotates so that the user can get on and off easily and quickly – and not dangle over the steps to do it! This feature is a significant advantage to those who struggle with balance problems as well as those that have fragile or easily bruised limbs.
  2. Seat belt – For an extra sense of security, a safety belt is to be worn during every trip up and down the stairs.
  3. Plush, roomy seat – Selected to accommodate your size and weight, the stair lift seating is designed to be ultra comfortable for not only safety but also enjoyment during use.
  4. Arm and foot rests – There are no worries about where your arms and legs can be during transit – the padded arm and foot rests make such concerns obsolete.
  5. Foldaway design – When the lift is not in use, you have the option of folding the seat out of the way of foot traffic.
  6. Auto stop – Among the numerous stair lift safety standards built into your lift, an especially helpful feature is the built in sensors that detect obstructions in the line of motion. When this occurs, the lift will not move until the path is clear for smooth, unhampered movement.

  7. Call-send button – The handy call-send option, which allows the lift to be “summoned” from another level, is a helpful feature on stair lifts.
  8. Battery power – Unlike electrically powered devices which are unusable during power outages, many stair lift companies are opting for battery powered equipment, which means that whenever you need the lift, it’s ready for you, regardless of the circumstances.
  9. Multi-user capability – Another example of stair lift safety standards hard at work are the extra features which allow for regular use of more than one user in the home.
  10. Flip-up rail – Optional equipment includes a flip up folding rail which moves out of the way at the foot of the stairs to enable space for pedestrians, or a door swing.

Auto stop feature

Do-it-Yourself Products and Installation are Neither Safe Nor Recommended

One major safety issue we’d like to offer a word of caution about is that some stair lift companies promote low cost do-it-yourself (DIY) stair lift products they describe as easy to install. Once received and unpacked, most homeowners do not have the expertise to know how to safely and properly install a stair lift.

They also may not know who to call to get the lift installed and tested as the state requires. Retaining the services of an expert handyman is also unadvised, as they will not have the factory training to install the lift according to the manufacturer installation requirements, and the stair lift warranty may thereby be voided.

Bruno Elan Folding Rail

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