What is the Actual Cost of Adding a Stair Lift?

How is it that we can go for years running up and down the stairs in our metro Atlanta homes, not thinking twice about them until an injury or illness occurs to hinder our mobility? All of a sudden, we are noticing stairs everywhere! For many seniors, stairs actually present a real safety hazard that forces them to consider moving, when their real desire in to “age-in-place”. The first step in solving this dilemma is to research alternatives to moving, actual ways to modify the home to make it completely safe and accessible. One of the most economical and popular methods to modify a home for accessibility, is to add a stair lift. Step one is to evaluate stair lift options, and determine the cost of adding a stair lift.

Straight Stair Lift Prices
The primary consideration when you begin to price a stair lift is determining the configuration of the stair–is it a straight stair or a curved stair? If it is a straight stair, with regular, even steps, the price is very reasonable. The cost of adding a stair lift to your metro Atlanta home From the Stair Lifts Atlanta straight stair lift prices page, “If your stair is a straight stair with no landing along the length of the stair, you can have a standard straight stair lift installed. The installed price for a straight stair lift is typically between $3000 and $3200, under normal stair conditions, including the Georgia certification and inspection fees.”

Curved Stair Lift Prices
As you make calls to research the cost of adding a stair lift to your home, you will probably encounter unwillingness on the part of the accessibility expert or certified stair lift installer to quote actual prices. The reason is that there are just too many variables involved for a stair lift expert to quote a price without seeing the home stair. Every curved lift is custom built, and therefore will involve variability in model, style, delivery time frames and cost. If you need a quote for adding a curved stair lift, contact a stair lift expert as soon as possible to get the process started.

Important Tips & Optional Features
Be sure to purchase a stair lift that has a battery backup, and if physical constraints make bending difficult, consider a ‘perch’ or standing model. Optional features that may affect the lift price include extra track, track overrun at the top of the stairs, call/send remote controls, power seat swivel, power footrest, additional charging stations, upgraded seat size or style and a track that lifts up at the foot of the stair.

In comparison to many home remodeling projects, the cost of adding a stair lift is quite reasonable, especially if it enables you to once again gain access to your whole house, especially the upstairs bedroom or outside to the backyard garden you enjoyed working in for so many years.

Contact Stair Lifts Atlanta and we will assist you in the installation of a stair lift that is well-suited to meet your mobility needs. If you live in metro Atlanta or north Georgia, call us today at 770.880.3405 to set up an appointment with our Georgia certified stair lift specialist. You may also contact us through the online contact form below for more information.

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