Does the Weight Capacity Affect the Stair Lift Price?

Are you coping with a disability and researching mobility options to provide a solution for getting in and out of your home, or up and down stairs? Many people face this crisis at some point in their lives, and are happy when they come to realize that a straight or curved stair lift; or inclined or vertical platform lift can positively affect a disabled person’s life forever. Stairway lifts install easily and provide a smooth ride that moves comfortably and effortlessly on the stair. Not only do they offer mobility, but they fit naturally into your metro Atlanta home, whether in Sandy Springs, Buford or Decatur. One question that is often asked is, “Does the weight capacity affect the stair lift price?”

Outdoor Stair Lifts Solve Accessibility Problems at Metro Atlanta Homes homes, whether in Sandy Springs, Buford or Decatur

Outdoor stair lifts solve accessibility problems at Metro Atlanta homes, whether in Sandy Springs, Buford or Decatur

Weight Capacity
When considering weight capacity, be assured that there are a variety of chair lifts for people with disabilities and seniors who weigh over 300 lbs. The weight limit varies with each manufacturer and model, although the three Handicare Sterling models are each in the 300 lb. weight capacity range, including the Sterling 950 Straight Lift, Sterling 1000 Straight Lift (available in an outdoor model), and the Sterling 2000 Curved Lift. One primary detail to confirm in the model you are evaluating is whether a larger seat is an option requiring an extra charge. On the Acorn Stair Lift Superglide 120, an extra wide seat will add more than $200 to the purchase of a stair lift.

Stair Lift Features
Another important feature to consider when researching lifts is whether or not the lift has a battery backup. DC-powered stair lifts plug into an electrical outlet for their main source of power, but are also equipped with backup batteries which charge constantly while the lift is in use. For additional information about stair lifts such as the pros and cons of purchasing a stair lift, stair lift pricing, installation and chair lift variations, visit the stair lift page on the website. We recommend the site to anyone researching stair lifts for their metro Atlanta home (whether in Sandy Springs, Buford or Decatur) as a great resource!

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