The Right Straight Stairlift for Your Atlanta Home?

More Americans are choosing aging in place in familiar surroundings rather than move to an assisted living facility. However the family home which was fine earlier in life can be difficult in the twilight years. Stairs once taken without thought become a trial. Atlanta Home Modifications has the straight stairlifts which will make your Atlanta home fully accessible again.

Redesigning the Home
Too often homes, especially older ones, have stairs which cannot be fixed with ramps. The solution is the stair lift which quickly and safely allows the senior, elderly person or family member with a disability to navigate stairs which they previously could not climb on their own. Every residential stairlift installed Atlanta homes must meet both ADA and Georgia state codes/certifications.

Exterior Access
Accessibility isn’t just limited to the inside. Atlanta Home Modifications also has stair lifts designed for outdoor use. Now you can easily get into the garden safely without having to take up too much room installing a ramp. Whether indoors or outdoors, stair lifts decrease the risk of injury due to falls.

Get Help!
If your Atlanta home could benefit from a straight stair lift, call Atlanta Home Modifications today at 770-880-3405 to learn more. We will install a curved or straight stairlift in your Atlanta  home to help you  solve the accessibility problems you are facing!