Is an Elevator or a Wheelchair/Vertical Platform Lift Best for Your Atlanta Home?

Mobility is something that is often taken for granted; that is, until the need for using a wheelchair or walker makes it a challenge just to get around, let alone up and down stairs. Aging in place designs have anticipated such difficulties, making it easy to navigate through potentially difficult or impossible obstacles in your home. Which is the best mobility choice for your Atlanta metro home – an elevator or a wheelchair lift / vertical platform lift?

Elevators are enclosed rooms that conveniently transport individuals from floor to floor. When considering the Bruno commercial vertical platform lifts vpl-3300 series Atlanta stair liftspurchase of an elevator for your Atlanta home, determine:

  • The weight of the main user
  • Enough space to install the elevator
  • Accessibility to desired installation location
  • Structural requirements

Wheelchair lifts (also known as a vertical platform lift) also carry the passenger, in the safety of his or her wheelchair, to the desired level or levels in the home. This powerful type of lift offers:

  • Weight capacity of up to 750 pounds
  • Multiple stops capability
  • Backup power source in case of outages
  • Easy to use control

Your choice of an elevator or an Atlanta wheelchair lift / vertical platform lift is dependent largely on your space and needs. Don’t stay limited. Get an in-home consultation to determine which might be the best mobility option to meet your needs!

Whether the best mobility choice for your Atlanta metro home is an elevator or a wheelchair lift, contact Stair Lifts Atlanta, LLC by telephone at (770) 880-3405 and we will assist you in the installation of a stair lift that is exactly suited to meet your mobility needs. Or, to send us an email, enter your information in our online contact form.

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