The Best Straight Stair Lift Features

Do you struggle getting up and down that straight, steep staircase due to mobility issues? No more do you have to eye the challenge as one who is preparing himself to climb Mount Everest. A straight stair lift can easily solve the problem.

Standard Straight Stair Lift Features

Aside from the obvious ability to get you from Point A to Point B, what are some of the best straight stair lift features?

  • Simplicity in design means that the installation is quickly and easily done and the price is very reasonable.

    Acorn Straight Stair Lift 130

    Acorn Straight Stair Lift 130

  • Optimum comfort is ensured through extra cushioning, and built-in safety belts make the ride a safe one.
  • Fold-away seat design enables traffic in the stair way and surrounding area to flow smoothly and with no obstruction, even in tight spaces.
  • Easy to use mechanism is sensitive enough for those with dexterity issues, and remote control options make transferring the lift from one level to another very convenient.

More Straight Stair Lift Features – Lockable, Safety, Ease of Access

According to, many people view the following as additional noteworthy straight stair lift features, “The stairlift can be safely locked and deactivated with a key. Simple digital display shows correct functioning and quickly diagnoses any problems. For added safety, the stairlift has five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage that immediately stop the lift at any obstruction on your staircase. Two remote controls, with large easy to use buttons, come as standard to call the lift upstairs and downstairs.”

Learn even more about the best straight stair lift features from your local Atlanta home modifications specialist through an in-home assessment – and feel the exhilaration of conquering your “insurmountable mountain” permanently.

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