Facts to Help You Select a Stair Lift

Are you shopping for a straight or curved home stair lift and looking for some reliable facts to help you select a stair lift? A stair lift carries the individual with an accessibility or disability challenge up and down the stairs in a safe, seated position, enabling them to have access to a basement or second story in the home. Most passengers prefer a seated position while riding a straight or curved stairlift, however, perch stair lifts are also available for individuals who find it easier to remain in a standing position while they ride on the lift.

Two Types of Stair Lifts, Straight and Curved
There are two primary types of stair lifts available today, a straight lift for straight stairs, and a curved lift for a stair that has a landing in the middle. Regarding stair lift prices, straight stairlifts typically cost approximately three thousand dollars, and can normally be installed within three to five days. Curved stair lifts are significantly more expensive. A curved lift has to go around corners and change directions, and therefore, must be custom designed for your home. The lead time before a curved stair lift can be installed varies.

Handicare Sterling Stair Lift for Metro Atlanta GA

Stairlift by Handicare

Outdoor Stairlifts
Stairlift companies, such as Sterling Stairlifts by Handicare, also offer outdoor stair lifts that are waterproof and thoroughly reliable to carry the individual up and down a deck or porch stair. Stairlifts are not invasive when installed, as they mount directly to the stair tread and not to the wall.

Stairlift Features
Every stair lift includes a motor, track, seat, arm rest, and a footplate that folds up and out of the way when not in use. Stairlifts also include standard safety features such as seat belts, braking systems and foot rest sensors. Depending on the model, both electric and battery operated stair lifts are available. Battery powered lifts charge at the base station or along the track. They offer a quieter and smoother ride; and reliable service even during a power outage. Many models include push button or rocker switch controls located on the armrest for easy access, and call send controls which enable the individual to call or send the unit to the other end of the stairs.

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