Expert Installation of Track Mounted Ceiling Lifts for Atlanta Homes

expert installation of track mounted ceiling lifts in Atlanta
expert installation of track mounted ceiling lifts in Atlanta

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Track mounted ceiling lifts are adaptive mobility products available for people with disabilities who have trouble moving about their homes. Ceiling mounted lift systems for persons with disabilities are also known as overhead lifts and track lifts. They typically consist of a battery powered hoist directed by an overhead track system to lift, and move residents with physical limitations to and from the bedroom, bathroom and other locations within the home.

Ceiling-mounted lift systems are permanently attached in one location in a home, and can be installed in multiple locations throughout a home. Expert installation of ceiling lifts — whatever the type or location — ensures that homeowners are able to enjoy the mobility afforded by a lift without the danger of falling.

RiseAtlas – new stationary ceiling lift units from Handicare

Ceiling mounted lift system by Handicare

Atlanta Home Modifications is pleased to offer a number of track mounted ceiling lifts that allow people to gain mobility, and remain living in their familiar home surroundings with loved ones. Ceiling lifts help individuals move a short distance. The tracks are typically short, often designed to assist someone from a bed to a wheelchair or to the restroom. A sturdy sling or harness supports the weight of the individual.

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