How To Select a Stair Lift Part 3: Stair Lift, Platform Lift or Ramp?


Very early in the stair lift selection process, evaluate the mobility of the person using the stair lift. Remember that a stair lift requires the individual to transfer ontohandicapaccessiblestairliftrampAtlantaHomeModifications,llcdisablity the stair lift. If the person with the disability requires a lift for a transfer, or has great difficulty transferring, then you may require a vertical lift, or a ramp. A vertical lift moves the person while they are in their wheelchair, and does not require a transfer.

Other considerations to be made in your stair lift selection early on are the following items:

  • Weight capacity: Be sure the weight capacity of the lift exceeds the actual weight of the person who will be using the chair.
  • Length of the stair: Measure the length of the stair to be certain the new stair lift does not require a custom length.
  • Stair location: Verify whether it will be a left hand or right hand location for the stair lift rail and seat installation.

Finally, be certain to select a reputable, state certified stair lift installer. When shopping for a stair lift, be certain to ask about availability, warranties, dependability, and the servicing schedule.

For more information about stair lift selection and ordering, contact the experts at Stair Lifts Atlanta to arrange a home visit, and to gather pricing and availability information. We specialize in disability equipment; stair lifts, platform lifts and residential elevators; and home modifications including bathroom upgrades such as walk-in tubs and roll-in showers.

The Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC stair lift representative is fully certified by the State of Georgia, as required by law. Contact us today at 770.880.3405.

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