Stair Lifts in Athens AL

Do you care for a loved one who struggles with mobility issues that make the prospect of maneuvering the stairs a stressful experience? Consider stair lifts in Athens AL to get peace of mind regarding the stairs once more!

Stair Lifts for Athens AL Homes

How can a stair lift help to make sure that your mobility challenged loved one is safe?

  • Your staircase can accommodate one of two models – the curved or the straight lift – to make a complete, smooth transfer from one floor to the next.
  • Your stair lift has sensors to alert of any obstructions in the path of motion to guarantee there isn’t a problem halfway up or down.
  • Your stair lift has safety devices, such as a seat belt and comfortable arm and foot rests, so that there is no fear of falling. 

Stair Lift Safety
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