Best Curved Stair Lift Features

Stair lifts have changed the lives of many individuals who suffer from mobility limitations that make it difficult (or impossible) to climb stairs. There are countless advantages to atlanta-home-modifications-handicap-ramps-showers-stair-lifts2.jpgbuying a stair lift. In fact, even those metro Atlanta or north Georgia homeowners owning curved or irregularly-shaped staircases can enjoy the benefits, with the simple installation of a curved stair lift.

Do you know what to look for when you shop for a curved stair lift? The best curved stair lift features include:

  • Seat: Ultra-comfortable seat cushioning
  • Operation: Ease of operation for even the most dexterously-challenged people
  • Safety: Safety belt for maximum sense of security
  • Swivel Seat: Swivel seat with locking mechanism for safe chair-to-landing transfer
  • Installation: Efficient installation by a Georgia certified stair lift installer
  • Support System: Smart design which attaches the lift to the stairs and not the adjoining wall
  • Sensors: Built-in sensors to detect any obstructions or problems
  • Remotes: Remote control options
  • Folding Rail: Fold-away rail options at the bottom for space conservation

These features highlight some of the best in curved stair lift advantages. Your metro Atlanta certified aging in place (CAPS) specialist can fill you in on additional life-enriching boons a curved stair lift could bring, today!

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