What Do You Call It, a Stair Lift or a Stair Chair Lift?

“What Do You Call It, a Stair Lift or a Stair Chair Lift?”

If you are someone with a disability you probably already know the answer to this question, which on the surface appears pretty clear. But, think about it, what is a stair chair lift? There are two possible meanings that actually make sense.


Vertical Platform Lift by Handicare

Definition No. 1: Stair Chair Lift = Stair lift with a seat that carries a person

Definition No. 2: Stair Chair Lift = Stair lift with a platform that carries a wheelchair

According to the first definition, a stair chair lift contains a seat for the person to sit on after transferring from a wheel chair. It is supported on the stair treads, not connected to the wall. There are seated, or perch (standing) styles available, and straight and curved stair lifts designed for outdoor installations on a deck or porch. It folds up so that other family members can easily navigate the stair.


Inclined Platform Lift

Definition No. 2 gets a little stickier…  A stair lift that carries the wheelchair with the person in the chair is actually called a platform lift, and there are two main types. The vertical platform lift is situated either in the garage, off the back deck, or adjacent to an interior landing to carry a chair lift passenger vertically between floors.

The inclined platform wheelchair lift is installed on a stair, with a platform for the wheelchair to ride on. It is equipped with a fold-up platform that lifts out of the way when the stair is not in use.

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