SureHands 2500 Series Track Ceiling, Wall, or Free-Standing Lift for Atlanta Residents

The Surehands HM2500 Series Track Systems for a ceiling, wall or free-standing lift installation, offers just what Atlanta residents with disabilities need, to get from one vital spot to the next in their homes. The custom designed HM2500 Series Track Systems is the perfect ceiling lift system to meet your transfer needs, overcome barriers and accomplish accessibility goals.Surehands HM2500 Series Track Lift

Home modification changes are made to the home to create a continuous track system throughout particular rooms such as the bathroom, bedroom and living area. The lift system emphasizes ergonomic lifting in a space saving manner, allowing the valuable floor area to be free of lift equipment.  SureHands Body Support or SureHands slings are used in conjunction with the Surehands HM2500.  The Surehands HM2500 Series Track Systems has the following features:

Ceiling, wall or free-standing mounting configurations.
Every system is custom designed.
A continuous track system can be designed for the home.
Patient transfer is safe, smooth and comfortable.
Used with a SureHands Body Support or SureHands slings.

The Emergency stop and emergency down controls are accessed from the floor level. Various optional motor and hand controls are available. The SureHands lateral motor increases independence for certain individuals.

If you are researching or shopping for a ceiling, wall or free-standing lift system, contact Atlantic Home Modifications, LLC for more information about how a SureHands 2500 Series Track ceiling, wall, or free-standing lift may help you or a loved one. Atlanta Home Modifications works only with certified State of Georgia stairlift installers.

Call us today at 770.880.3405, or contact us through the Atlantic Home Modifications website.

Image source: Flickr Free Images

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