Sterling 2000 Curved Stairlifts for Atlanta, Marietta, Athens, and Gainesville

The Sterling 2000 curved stairlifts are custom built to precisely fit your Atlanta, Marietta, Athens, and Gainesville stair configuration and carry you safely from floor to floor within your home. With the tightest track bends available from a stair lift manufacturer, the Sterling 2000 stair lift can accommodate a wide range of stair arrangements. With a narrow profile when folded up, the Sterling 2000 curved stair lift allows plenty of room for others to walk up and down the steps.

Sterling 2000 Curved Stair Lift by Handicare

The Sterling 2000 curved stair lift offers a secure and level ride. The Sterling 2000 curved stair lift is manufactured by Handicare. Handicare makes custom curved stair lifts quickly and precisely to fit your stair.

Optional powered features allow the user to fold the footplate, allow the seat to swivel at the top of the staircase, and power an automatic hinge to lift the track and prevent it from obstructing the path at the bottom of the stair in your Atlanta, Marietta, Athens, or Gainesville home. The Sterling 2000 comes with 2 year manufacturer’s parts warranty and lifetime warranty on the gearbox and motor.

Sterling stair lifts are carefully designed to be easy to operate by a person who may be experiencing a disability. It is started with a convenient toggle that does not require continuous pressure to hold it down while the lift is operating. The toggle switch is easy to hold in the required direction of travel and removes the necessity for the hand to grasp the control.

Quoting the website, “Sterling stair lifts can also be operated by remote control; all lifts come with this as standard. These hand held remote controls can either allow a caregiver to operate the stair lift on behalf of the user, whilst walking along next to them, or can be used to send and call the lift between levels. The latter is particularly useful for homes where more than one person benefits from the use of the stair lift.”

Contact Atlanta Home Modifications, LLC for more information about Sterling 2000 curved stair lifts for Atlanta, Marietta, Lawrenceville, Athens, and Gainesville homes. Our Georgia certified stair lift installer will assist you in the selection of a lift that is perfectly suited for you and your home.

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Image Source: Sterling Stair Lifts


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