Stair Lifts in Scottsboro AL

With the availability of high quality accessibility devices offered to those who struggle with mobility challenges, more and more homeowners are opting to remain living in their homes rather than relocating.Elan-Rotate-Top-Stairs1 - Copy

Stair lifts in Scottsboro AL feature prominently in aging in place design, making the previous hassle and danger of moving up and down the stairs now simple and safe.

There are two basic types of stair lifts:

Straight stair lifts – This lift affixes to the steps of your simple flight of vertical stairs.

Curved stair lifts – This model is custom-built to fit on any more complex staircase.

Both styles are comfortable, attractive in design and can be used in outdoor applications as well. Do you wonder how your home can become more accessible? Call your trusted expert about stair lifts in Scottsboro AL for all the information you need to make your home more compatible to your mobility challenges.

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