Stair Lifts in Roswell

So you’re looking into straight stair lifts in Roswell. How do you choose the right one for your home? Very early in the stair lift selection process, evaluate the mobility of the person using the stair lift. Remember that a stair lift requires the individual to transfer onto the stair lift.

Bruno Elan straight stair lift

Some additional things to consider are:

  • Think about your stairs – Is it a simple straight stair case, or are they two adjacent stair cases connected to a landing? This will determine whether you need one straight stair lift, two straight stair lifts (requiring transition at the landing) or a curved stair lift; for smooth transit from one floor to the next.
  • Think about the size – Choose a lift that is appropriate to the weight requirements of the primary user.
  • Think about extra features – Some options include additional safety features, a digital status display and a call-send button which allows the chair to move to the desired level on demand.

Enjoy all the advantages with straight stair lifts in Roswell. Call your local accessibility expert for a free consultation to make sure you get exactly the what you need!

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