Stair Lifts in Newnan

Independent and aging in place design is becoming more popular for seniors who want to remain in their own homes even when there are real mobility challenges. Stair lifts in Newnan are perfect inclusions into independent design. How so?

Curved stair lift for independent living

  • Stair lifts provide seamless, smooth transfer of access from one home level to another – or from the ground level to the home entry, if the need is outside.
  • Stair lifts are comfortable, minimizing impact on weak or sore limbs.
  • Stair lifts have extra security through seat belts, arm and foot rests, and swivel seats for easy seating and sensors which alert of obstructions in the line of travel.
  • Stair lifts are designed to be operated easily even by dexterity-challenged hands.

Whether your stair requires a curved stair lift or straight stair lift, rest assured it will meet the needs for anyone seeking assistance going up and down stairs in a safe manner.

So if you are in the market for an accessibly-friendly independent design for your own mobility difficulties, call your local CAPS specialist to find out more about stair lifts in Newnan.

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