Stair Lifts in Chattanooga TN

Active senior male walking with walker with physical therapist.Many home stair lift shoppers wonder if they will need a curved or straight stair lift in Chattanooga TN. When home mobility issues become a matter of concern, it is surprising to find that much of everyday life is affected by this challenge. Learning that a straight or curved stair lift is often an ideal solution is a big help.

With two basic types of stair lifts to choose from, how will you know whether you need a straight stair lift or curved stair lift in Chattanooga? Let’s consider each to make the best choice obvious.

Straight Stair Lift Selection

The straight stair lift is designed to move up and down one straight flight of steps. This lift is mounted directly on the stair steps. It is the lift most commonly installed inBruno Elan straight stair lift conveniently swivels at the top of the stairs homes in communities such as Chattanooga. This type is also the less expensive of the lifts available.

Where two flights meet at a landing, it is sometimes recommended for the sake of cost-cutting to install two straight stair lifts at each flight of stairs, where the user is required to transfer from lift to lift at the landing for the continuation up or down. If you are looking for information about a a straight stair lift in Chattanooga, contact Stair Lifts Atlanta, LLC at (770) 880-3405.

Curved Stair Lift SelectionHandicare Sterling Stair Lift for Metro Atlanta GA

The curved stair lift in Chattanooga TN homes is necessary for staircases that are curved, irregular or those that are switchback (two straight stair runs with a landing in the middle). Custom designed, the curved stair lift in Chattanooga TN homes is more expensive because it must be built to fit your particular staircase.

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