Stair Lifts in Carrollton

With more and more people suffering from mobility difficulties, stairs can become a real source of worry and frustration. Thankfully, independent design experts report that stair lifts in Carrollton can make a huge difference in this accessibility hurdle.

Designed for optimum comfort and reliability, curved and straight stair lifts are becoming popular choices for those who wish to remain living independently in their own homes. So then, which stair lift is right for you?

Bruno Elite Indoor Straight Stair Lift for Carrollton, Georgia homes

  • Straight stair lift – This is the classic lift, designed for use on straight staircases. In situations where two straight flights are connected by a landing and the primary user is mobile enough to transfer easily from one lift to another, it is often financially recommended that two straight lifts be utilized.
  • Curved stair lift – More expensive because it is custom-designed, a curved lift is installed on any staircase where the straight lift cannot work – spiral, curved or switchback stairs.

Your trusted expert on stair lifts in Carrollton will help you find the stair lift which is perfectly suited to you.

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