Stair Lifts in Buckhead

Elderly man sitting in front of the fire in his Buckhead Georgia home

You can rent straight stair lifts in Buckhead to gain mobility in your home.

Have you recently had surgery and decided that your second floor bedroom needs to be temporarily abandoned while you recover? Here’s a fact that may help you – you can rent straight stair lifts in Buckhead instead of rearranging the condo.

To navigate stairs in a two-story home or a single story home with a basement, the safe, smooth start and stop features of the straight stair lift ensure maximum mobility.

When renting a stair lift in Buckhead, you are able to stay in your home and manage your recovery while enjoying the following advantages:

  • Convenience – You don’t have to move a thing, as the stair lift can safely move you to the location you need without any strain of your body.
  • Affordability – For a low monthly rate, you have access to great mobility technology designed to keep you Sterling 950 Straight Stairliftsafe – and peace of mind.
  • No maintenance – The company installs, maintains and removes the lift. It’s simple.

For homes or condos with a split stair with a landing in the middle, either a curved stair lift or two straight stair lifts may be required.

If this sounds appealing for your current situation, check out Stair Lifts Atlanta. We make renting stair lifts in Buckhead an easy and satisfying mobility solution.

Call Stair Lifts Atlanta, LLC at (770) 880-3405 or send an email using our website contact form to the right to arrange a complimentary home assessment for stair lifts in Buckhead.

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