Stair Lifts in Alpharetta

Are you considering stair lifts in Alpharetta but wonder what stair lift options you have when your staircase is actually two straight flights with a landing in between? While a curved stair lift would work best in this situation, two straight stair lifts is an ideal choice when the cost of a curved stair lift is prohibitive. 

Double Straight Stair Lifts

Bruno Elite Straight Stair Lift Atlanta North Georgia
Bruno Elite Straight Stair Lifts in Alpharetta

Why not consider the double straight stair lift? This arrangement is best when two straight stair lifts are installed on each flight of your staircase with a landing. The cost for this arrangement is approximately $6000. 

For the double straight stair lift to be feasible, the primary user needs be able to transfer easily from one lift to the next on the middle landing without compromising safety.

Stair Lift Operation

Curious about how the stair lift works? “Operating the lift is easy with just the push of a switch on the armrest you’re off to the next floor. For safety, the lift will always have a retractable seat belt to use while riding on the stairs. When you don’t need the lift the armrest, footrest and seat fold up to just 10.5” allowing for easy passage on the staircase,” according to

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